The Female Gaze

Month: April, 2011

Ritverk / Text Based

Sometimes ideas just need a deadline, an opportunity to become. This is one of those ideas but also four of those ideas.

Below are four degree show proposals, art in its slightly comical bureaucratic form. I see it both as a little poke at all the bureaucracy involved with making visual art and an homage to all the ideas that never come to be.

One friend panicked a little asking if this was something that we were required to do.

Another set me the challenge to make all of these ideas come to life.

Elf Sex (Video)

I gave a little talk in Listaháskóli Íslands in January and wanted to explain my book on sex with Icelandic elves and decided to show the clip did on it. After ransacking the internet I finally managed to find it:

Icelandic Elf Sex (Video).

My favorite comment (Gregory):

“What’s fascinating is she isn’t overweight, doesn’t appear to live with 9 cats, her teeth are good and she doesn’t wear glasses. She’s good looking, speaks well and doesn’t has glassy eyes.

Hmm, maybe she’s serious.”