Normal Greenland

My own images from Greenland are still marinating in the fridge, and on the hard drive, undeveloped. I firmly believe in letting photographs age for some weeks, if time allows, before they are released from their hibernation for processing, butchering, devouring and digesting. It allows one to forget and enables a fresher approach. How is that the images you remember the most are not as good as you thought but the true gems are often hidden in oblivion?

I have however been digesting the experience of Greenland since I stepped out of the plane in Nuuk. Unlike any place I have ever been to before, its vastness is almost chlaustrophobia inducing, the feeling of powerlessness agains the nature stronger than anywhere. And somehow comforting.

Finn Larsen has been photographing in Greenland since 1991 and it seems to me he has captured life there rather differently than many other image makers, in his words: “Greenland is definitely Man’s land – a quite normal country.”
Below are some images of his:






The work in Greenland, Moderlandet,  is made with the help of the Vestnorræni höfuðborgasjóðurinn and Air Iceland / Flugfélag Íslands.