The Female Gaze

Dad’s drawings

While moving the other day I came across these drawings my dad, Hallgrímur Helgason, made for me when I was just a few years old. He was living in the US, first Boston and then New York and this was his way of communicating. Both of them are of me I guess, one with my dear Little Ponies.

Töfraflautan & Thierry (Mugler)

Þetta er mögulega skiljanlegast þeim sem hafa séð nýjustu uppfærslu Íslensku Óperunnar á Töfraflautunni. Því myndirnar hér að neðan frá sýningunni eru vægast sagt óskýrar auk þess sem búningurinn er ókláraður þegar tók upp þetta myndskeið. Merkilegt nokk er ekki að finna neinar betri myndir á Netinu af þessu ákveðna dressi. Fullkláraður búningur skartaði pallíettu-„fjöðrum“ í grænu og bláu yst en rauðu á bringunni auk hárlokka á ermum.

Búningur Næturdrottningarinnar, hönnuður er Filippía Elísdóttir.

Kjóll úr haute couture (hátísku-) línu Thierry Mugler frá 1997.

The Ultimate Edit

Here is the edit of the images I made in Latvia, when I visited that beautiful country a couple of weeks ago to attend a photography workshop.
An yes, there is only one. Sometimes you don’t need more, sometimes there just aren’t more.

Degree Show Time

I just put some installation pictures from the Glasgow School of Art degree show on my website. Here is the link:
Here is the Fine Art Photography website for viewing work from the graduating class:
And finally for the whole school:

Me, Siggi and Kári (not really wanting to be in the picture) in my space in the Macintosh.

Margrét María, little sis, the GameBoy and Pippi.

Website is up and running


Ritverk / Text Based

Sometimes ideas just need a deadline, an opportunity to become. This is one of those ideas but also four of those ideas.

Below are four degree show proposals, art in its slightly comical bureaucratic form. I see it both as a little poke at all the bureaucracy involved with making visual art and an homage to all the ideas that never come to be.

One friend panicked a little asking if this was something that we were required to do.

Another set me the challenge to make all of these ideas come to life.

Elf Sex (Video)

I gave a little talk in Listaháskóli Íslands in January and wanted to explain my book on sex with Icelandic elves and decided to show the clip did on it. After ransacking the internet I finally managed to find it:

Icelandic Elf Sex (Video).

My favorite comment (Gregory):

“What’s fascinating is she isn’t overweight, doesn’t appear to live with 9 cats, her teeth are good and she doesn’t wear glasses. She’s good looking, speaks well and doesn’t has glassy eyes.

Hmm, maybe she’s serious.”


The beautiful poster Fabien made for our exhibition.

Opening night.

Here the work is a little bit more visible, mine on the left and Fabien’s on the right.


© Fabien Marques and Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir

My new pastime – collection so far

Volcanic eruptions on postcards, take something home to remember Iceland by!

Places and years can be found at the bottom.

1. Gjástykki, 1977.
2. Grímsvötn, unspecified but since color photography became common there have been eruptions there in 1983, 1984, 1996, 1998 and 2004. Although I am pretty sure this one (and perhaps the one below) is from the big one in 1996.
3. Surtsey, 1963.
4. Krafla, 1984.
5. Grímsvötn, see above.
6. Heimaey, 1973.


Lately I’ve been an active robber of images from the internet. Some I accidentally stumble upon, others are answers to google searches, usually showing something entirely different than the search-word would suggest. I decided to edit my selection down to a little series in an endeavor my previous teacher, Jessica Ingram, would call a Quick & Dirty, a non time consuming work hopefully free of overthinking and -censoring. The title Ventures of Men came to me on the toilet but I stripped it to Ventures, attempting not to be over dramatic.